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Guy Lalande

Visavie Guy Lalande

Guy Lalande

Authorized Counsellor


A proverb that describes me

To laugh at oneself is to move forward.

How I stand out

During my twenty plus years of experience as an operations and customer service manager in the field of telecommunications, I’ve developed excellent listening and analytical skills.

Semi-retired and active since 2012, I first put my experience to use at my own multi-service company only to then apply these skills at Visavie as a housing counsellor for seniors.

For me, Visavie is ...

... simplifying the search for a seniors’ residence and making it a pleasant experience.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor...

...  listens, makes suggestions, provides advice and, ultimately, receives a sincere thank you from the client.

My role is to ensure that clients and their families experience a worry-free transition.  Just knowing that I helped a senior move to the next step in his or her life is a reward in itself.

The key to my success

To be available, attentive, open, and to understand immediate needs and anticipate future needs.

*I am happy and comfortable to serve customers in both French and English

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