Asking the right<br />
questions and<br />
and choosing <br />
the right senior <br />
housing option Choose the type<br />
of retirement community<br />
adapted to your needs More than 35 senior<br />
housing experts servicing<br />
Ontario and Quebec<br />
for the past 30 years A free and professional<br />
service available<br />
7 days a week,<br />
24 hours a day In some cases,<br />
it is possible to<br />
remain at home.

Asking the right
questions and
and choosing
the right senior
housing option

Choose the type
of retirement community
adapted to your needs

More than 35 senior
housing experts servicing
Ontario and Quebec
for the past 30 years

A free and professional
service available
7 days a week,
24 hours a day

In some cases,
it is possible to
remain at home.

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Finding a
retirement home

For the last 30 years, our counsellors have helped more than 150,000 families choose their new lifestyle residences, free of charge.

Services for seniors

If you need more assistance, we are happy to offer complementary services to help make your transition even smoother.

Retirement living

Visavie, an efficient partner to help you support your employees in meeting their personal obligations toward an elderly loved one.

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Our counsellors are available and happy to meet you to discuss the options and help you select the ideal assisted living residence for you or your loved one.
Our counsellors are available
to discuss the options.

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Part of the Sandwich Generation

Carole, the oldest of four siblings, is caught between her obligations, life,  job, as well as caring for her mother who is increasingly requiring more assistance. 

Living with dementia: At home or in a care residence?

Paul has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. If his condition deteriorates, can he stay at home or it will be necessary to find him a care residence?

Valentine’s Day at a Retirement Residence

Contrary to popular belief, retirement residences provide socialization and stimulation and help residents meet other people and put an end to solitude and isolation.   


Terry clearly went above and beyond her job description throughout this process.  This included after hours telephone and text messages from me, transportation of my Mom and her walker, lengthy telephone calls with my Mom, touring retirement home facilities...and solving a crisis ( or two) along the way.  Terry was excellent with my Mom throughout this time. Patient, understanding, caring and exemplifying tremendous empathy are words that come to mind for me describing Terry helping both my Mom and I.

- Brian, Ottawa

"We were experiencing difficulty trying to find a retirement home for my very particular mother."

This Saturday my mother is moving into a retirement home that she is looking forward to and she credits Heather for finding and negotiating a great deal for her. She told me she preferred dealing with Heather rather than family and was very happy that Heather was her representative. I can't say enough about Heather and her efforts to ensure my mother was happy. She worked long and hard for my mother all the while keeping in touch with my large family.

- Brenda Stewart

"You convinced my mom to consider moving into a retirement home"

I would like to thank Visavie and especially Miss. Linda Caron. It is with empathy and professionalism that you have convinced my mother that it was maybe time to consider a retirement community. Also, you made the transition very easy for my mother by finding a residence that satisfied her every need. I will not hesitate to recommend your services. My mother is now happy in the new residence.

*This testimonial was initially received in French

- Jean-Pierre Belisle